Edinburgh Fringe 2016 in Figures

The Edinburgh fringe festival officially started at the weekend. Here are some figures and an infographic, ‘cos nothing says “cool” like statistics in pictorial form!

Number of
Performances: 50,266
Shows: 3,269
Days it will take to see all the shows: 409 (1 year and 1 month)
Day & nights it will take to see all the performances: 2,094 (5 years and 9 months)

Flyers: 16,345,000*
Trees used to make the flyers: 51**

Countries taking part: 48
Venues across Edinburgh: 294
Free shows: 643

Shows with the word pun in the title: 5
Shows with puns in the title: many, many more…

* based on an average of 5,000 A6 flyers per show
** howstuffworks.com suggests an average of 80,500 A4 sheets per tree




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