Thunderstorms in Korcula

It rained, a lot.  For a few days.  I was staying in a place with a great internet connection so I binge watched Broadchurch* on Netflix and then felt guilty that I was in this amazing new place just for a few days and I was hibernating with a BBC gritty drama, but I was hooked and it was raining.

In between the rain I mainly walked around the area and ate, a lot.  Places of note were Aterina (Trg korculanskih klesara i kipara 2, in the old town) where I had a lunch of all the starters combined (photo above) a sort of Dalmatian tapas.  I loved the home cured ham and the fish pate.

A new place called Silk street food (Setaliste Petra Kanavelica also in the old town) which had only opened a couple of days earlier.  It is a simple counter service, wooden bench kind of place selling asian food and it is amazing.  Really fresh and tasty and very different to the other restaurants in town which are good but often very similar, I ate there twice.  Once I ordered a dish that was too spicy for me (this was completely my fault) but the owner just gave me a suitable replacement without me asking, or indeed paying.  The owners also run Tara’s Lodge around the bay so they have a great track record.  Both places are also great if you are on a limited budget.

*series 1 and 2 (embarrassed face emoji)



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