101 Dalmation islands

It’s my first time in Croatia and I’m doing a bit of island hopping – not quite 101 of them but I’m definitely coming back to see some more. I got to Hvar before the main summer season kicked off and I’m glad I did. The island has so much beauty, including its people. I swam in beautiful coves and ate some gorgeous food and Hvar Town was quiet enough to be able to walk around without crowds and eat out without reserving a table. The whole island has a permanent resident total of about 11,500, during the high season Hvar Town is said to attract 20,000 visitors a day. That’s a lot of people in a small bay.

I struggled with the luxury and opulence of Hvar Town, it seems out of kilter with the rest of Croatia. Speaking to a local on a nearby island the cost of a luxury sunbed for the day at a private resort in Hvar Town is nearly the average monthly wage of her island. I know it’s hard to correlate the two, rather like comparing London to Blackpool, but still!  I love the fact that the islands have their own personalities and reputations (as well as their own vineyards), Hvar is known as the hedonistic island and it certainly lived up to it.




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