The Oxford comma – an appreciation

Oxford has lent its name to many things over the years – a colour, marmalade, and an entire movement - to name just a few.  My very favourite though has to be a rather contentious gramma rule – the Oxford comma.  Sometimes known as a serial comma, it is the final comma in a list... Continue Reading →

Free things to do in Oxford

Oxford has won many awards and accolades but unfortunately they include being the most expensive pint outside London and the most expensive staycation in the UK.  It is a beautiful, inspiring and interesting city so if you are wary of the cost of visiting then don't be deterred - here are some ideas of things... Continue Reading →

Dubious tourist claims to fame

I do love a claim to fame, particularly dubious tourist ones and especially when they have a plaque.  Here's a wee collection of some I've stumbled upon recently. Bracknell, England - longest picnic table in England made from a single piece of wood: And here is the actual table: Edinburgh, Scotland - A House in Edinburgh... Continue Reading →

7 travel tips about Rome

Rome the streets - don’t plan too much, just follow your nose, getting lost in the enchanting side streets is a truly authentic Roman experience and when you eventually see something you recognise it brings about a lovely meaning to the phrase finding yourself.  Having said this there is the possibility we erred a bit... Continue Reading →

Roman boozy bingo – cin cin!

Whilst writing my post of eating all of the famous Italian dishes whilst in Rome, I realised I also hit all the drink clichés as well - so I'm introducing boozy bingo to the escapea blog.  I raise my glass to the all you travellers out there right now exploring this amazing planet and I wish... Continue Reading →

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